Tim Tebow Spoof
In a Tim Tebow spoof, crooner John Legend offers advice to "God's Quarterback" telling him to avoid Kim Kardashian's (rumored) advances. REUTERS

Even though he did not make it to the 2012 Super Bowl, Tim Tebow is still one of the most talked-about athletes in the nation right now. From his unusual Jockey underwear ad to rumors about him and Kim Kardashian, the Broncos quarterback is never out of the headlines.

In a new spoof by singer John Legend on ESPN's First Take, Tim Tebow is given some advice by the suave crooner.

The spoof starts with Legend hitting the piano to sing his 2004 song Ordinary People, but instead he sings Extra-Ordinary Tebow.

They can't get enough of you, a non-stop honeymoons, way past the infatuation phase, he sings to the superstar Tebow. He goes on to sing about the hunky quarterback, mentioning how even game-day slip-ups did not push him from the spotlight.

Then, Legend decides to give Tebow some advice. Deny Kim K advances, and TV ballroom dances. Though it's not a fantasy, because you all do is win.

The spoof was quite hilarious, particularly because of Legend's typically subdued nature.

Legend was, however, not the first to spoof the all-mighty Tim Tebow. Conan O' Brien re-created his 80-yard winning touchdown for the Denver Broncos; and Jimmy Fallon dressed up as David Bowie and sang Space Oddity, with lyrics dedicated to God's Quarterback.

Watch John Legend's spoof of Tim Tebow below.