Tim Tebow might receive calls to be the Jets starting quarterback if Mark Sanchez falters. Reuters

One of the major storylines of the Jets season could be Tim Tebow's bid to get the starting quarterback job.

Jets fans, however, seem to think he belongs on the bench.

A Quinnipiac University poll released Monday showed both New York State residents generally, and those that called themselves fans, were both fine with the trade for Tebow, but felt Sanchez was the best option at starting quarterback, by a wide margin.

Forty-three percent of the respondents said that Sanchez should remain the team's starter, with just 16 percent saying that Tebow deserved the job. But among respondents who identified themselves as football fans, 61 percent were pro-Sanchez to just 19 percent for Tebow.

Since he was acquired from the Broncos, speculation has surrounded Tebow's role with the team. In Denver, he was propelled into the starting role on the tide of strong fan support. Fans chanted for him, wore his jerseys, and even purchased a billboard advertisement to try to convince the Broncos' management to start him.

Many had suggested that similar things could happen in New York, despite Jets management's insistence that they plan to use him as a backup. For now, Jets fans are in agreement with management.

If New York opens the season poorly, or Sanchez falters at some point, the pro-Tebow faction will undoubtedly grow in size and volume -- especially given Tebow's uncanny ability to win games last year, even when it seemed all hope was lost.

Though they don't feel that Tebow should be the starting quarterback, fans aren't upset the Jets made the trade. Fifty-six percent of fans approved the trade and 60 percent said they have a positive impression of Tebow.