Optimus Prime won't be coming to "Titanfall." Courtesy/Paramount Pictures

Sorry, “Transformers” fans. Autobot Optimus Prime will not be coming to Respawn’s first-person shooter “Titanfall.” Although, it kind of seemed like a good idea.

On Tuesday, gaming web site IGN released a teaser trailer that showed Optimus Prime doing some pretty cool things in “Titanfall,” which launched for the Xbox One And PC March 11. The video was supposedly a teaser trailer for an upcoming DLC entitled “Titanfall Prime,” where the “Transformers” protagonist can be heard saying part of his famous catchphrase, “Titans, roll out!”

The trailer was revealed to be fake, though many gamers were disappointed, since controlling Optimus Prime in “Titanfall” would be nearly every 80s kid’s childhood dream.

On March 31, Respawn announced it was holding an “improved matchmaking” beta to see which methods of matchmaking were effective and well-liked and which weren’t. One of Respawn’s methods for achieving this was to refine the search process. Instead of quickly finding a well-suited match for impatient players, the software would take more time to find players with a similar skill level. Respawn also plans to periodically split the teams apart and seek out new opponents for each team. If one team continues to destroy the other, the game will update the player skill set and find a better match for the next round.

"This should end some of the frustration with playing for extended periods when you're having an off night," Respawn said.

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