Attorney Michael Winkleman of the family, whose 18-month old toddler fell to her death from the 11 th storey of a cruise ship, sees grounds to file a possible lawsuit against the Royal Caribbean Cruises.

Winkleman has also challenged the Puerto Rico’s police statement that Chloe Wiegand slipped from her grandfather’s arms as he held her up to the window. According to My Arklamiss, Winkleman said the window should have been closed securely and he sees grounds for the family to file a lawsuit against Royal Caribbean Cruises. The report also stated that the grieving family is seeking surveillance video from the area of the ship where the toddler fell to her death.

The attorney said that Chloe was playing with her grandfather in the kid’s water zone on the ship when it was docked in Puerto Rico when she asked him to lift her up to the windows lining the play area. “The toddler wanted to bang on the glass like she always did at her older brother’s hockey games,” Winkleman explained. “Her grandfather thought there was glass just like everywhere else but there was not and she was gone in an instant,” he said.

The grieving family is now trying to return home to northern Indiana to arrange their child’s funeral. Winkleman said the family is devastated and are desperate to get home as soon as possible to grieve together. He added that the toddler’s body has been released to the relatives but the family is still working through a red tape to red to return home.