Vaccination against human papilloma virus for boys between 12 and 13 years of age can prevent them from several cancers over the next 40 years, according to health officials in the UK. The vaccination will prevent the boys from about 29,000 cancers, including anal, oral and throat cancers.

HPV is a very common type of virus and is found worldwide. Among the 100 types of HPV viruses, at least 14 can cause cancer, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The international health body also stated that most sexually active men and women get infected by HPV.

High-risk HPV infections are transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. They are also transmitted through various sexual activities as they are usually in hands, fingers, genitals and mouth.

So, the health officials in the UK suggested that it is better to vaccinate young boys and girls before they become sexually active. All the  boys in the country will be given vaccinations after the summer.

The HPV vaccination has been introduced for  teenage boys for protecting them from all kinds of cancers and also to reduce the risk of penis, anus, head and neck cancers in the future, the health officials said.

Boys who are 12 years or over will be eligible to get vaccinated from the beginning of the school year. 

Girls between the age group of 12 to 13 are getting vaccinated for HPV since 2008. Two doses of vaccines are given to the young girls and boys for full protection. The protection lasts for 10 years or more depending on various factors.

The vaccination given to teenage girls for reducing cervical cancers proved very successful. After the distribution of vaccine, there has been a reduction in genital warts, pre-cancerous growths and HPV infections in teenage girls and young women. Teenage boys were also benefited through this vaccination as the virus did not get passed on to them.

The vaccinations will be given to the young boys in secondary schools from the first day of the new school term. It will be given in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Island. The timing and arrangements in the distribution of vaccines will vary slightly in different nations.

Though girls can get a free vaccination until the age of 25, boys will have to buy it after they turn 14. Experts said the introduction of HPV vaccines for boys will play a vital role in eradicating all the diseases caused to this infection in the future.

PHE is currently estimating prevention of 85, 000 cancers in women, including 64,000 cervical cancer cases, and 29,000 cancers in men by 2058 with the help of this vaccination program.

“I encourage all parents of eligible boys and girls to make sure they take up the offer for this potentially life-saving vaccine. It's important not to delay vaccination, as the vaccine may be less effective as adolescents get older,” Dr Mary Ramsay of Public Health England, said.

Meanwhile, Dr. David Elliman, immunization expert for the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, welcomed the move by the health officials to get all the young boys get vaccinated against HPV.

“In time, this will lead to a significant reduction in cancers of the anus, penis and head and neck. The latter is currently increasing in incidence, but this trend will be turned around as the vaccination program takes effect in the future,” BBC quoted him.

“The potential of this vaccine to save lives and prevent the complications of cancer is huge, and since it has been available on the NHS for girls, it has had excellent take-up, with impressive results - it's important this success is replicated with boys,” The Royal College of General Practitioners in the UK said.