Kevin Chenais, 22, was able to return home after a week of being denied a trip back to France due to his weight. Chenais was first denied a flight to Britain from the United States by British Airways, and, on the last leg, Eurostar denied him a spot on one of its trains traveling through the Channel Tunnel, which connects England, France and Belgium.

The Associated Press reported on Chenais’ woes when he was denied travel through the Chunnel, but his plight began earlier in the week. Chenais traveled to the United States for a treatment for a hormone disorder, reports the Mirror. The newspaper reports he weighs 504 pounds and needs a scooter for mobility purposes.

Flying British Airways, Chenais arrived in Chicago 18 months ago, but after his treatment was completed, the Frenchman was denied a return trip back to Britain by the airline. British Airways paid for the man’s hotel for a week before his family went to New York via train. From there Virgin Airlines picked up the tab and flew him back to the U.K., notes the Mirror.

All that was left for Chenais was a two-hour trip aboard Eurostar to France. The company said they denied him a trip due to safety regulations, as Chenais would be unable to evacuate safely if there was an emergency, notes AP. Eurostar said in a statement, “Our heart goes out to Mr Chenais and his family, who are understandably desperate to return home after being stranded in America,” reports the Mirror.

While Eurostar paid for his accommodations in London, another service has stepped up to send Chenais home. P&O Ferries has agreed to take him to France, ending a week of frustration. The company cites its experience ferrying ambulances, and a spokesman was quoted as saying, “It's very straightforward as we are set up to carry people who have medical needs,” reports the Mirror.”

On Facebook, Chenais barely mentions his travel woes, and even managed to catch a movie, “Thor: The Dark World,” in IMAX 3D, while in New York. Chenais is not the only person to be denied travel due to weight, and airlines have established guidelines for passengers.