Sony officially confirmed today the Holiday 2020 release window of the PS5. This is massive news coming from Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan. The announcement is through a blog post, which also revealed several juicy details about its next-generation gaming console. Here is a rundown of the top three things about the PS5.

Official Name

The official name of the predecessor of PlayStation 4 is one of the favorite subjects of many online debates. In January, Sony’s Mark Cerny referred to the device as Sony’s next generation console. However, fans have long predicted that the company will simply name it PS5 or PlayStation 5 based on the branding rule the Japanese console maker has been following since 1994.

Today, Sony officially confirmed through a blog post that its next-generation console is officially named PlayStation 5 (PS5). It was revealed along with the announcement of its Holiday 2020 release window. This also means that Sony is preparing to release is gaming console within the same release window as the Xbox Scarlett. 2020, is indeed a great year for gamers!

PlayStation 4
Sony earlier today released a ton of information about the PS5. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Bluepoint Games Is Developing A PS5 Exclusive Title

Jim Ryan reiterated that “Ghost of Tsushima” will still be released on PlayStation 4, but it is also the first officially confirmed game exclusively releasing on PlayStation 5. Bluepoint Games President Marco Thrush shared with Wired that they are currently making a big one but refused to expound his statement further.

The PS5 Will Feature An Improved Controller

The Japanese console maker already confirmed in its most recent blog that the PS5 controller will see substantial changes. While we might see the dame design, the PS5 controller will feature new and advanced technology. Among these include an improved speaker and a more immersive gaming experience through haptic rumble.

And, it comes with USB-c charging support…

Playstation 4 Product Manager Toshi Aoki recently confirmed that the PS5 controller would utilize a USB Type-C connector for charging. This is great news for gamers, especially those who are frustrated about the mess the cables are creating.

Between now and the Holiday of 2020, expect to hear more news, rumors, and leaks about Sony’s next-generation console, the PlayStation 5.