As Annie Jacobsen's new book, AREA 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base, is to hit shelves in few days, various media reports are suggesting the major hot spots for UFOs around the world.

Area 51, a U.S. military installation in the Nevada desert about 75 miles north of Las Vegas, has attracted rumor and speculation for decades, fed largely by the government's refusal to discuss exactly what goes on there.

The TIME Magazine has published a useful list top 6 places renowned for UFO listings the world over.

1. Warminster, Wiltshire, U.K.

Warminster is an Ancient Market Town situated on the southern edge of the Salisbury Plain, approximately 18 miles from Bath and 21 miles from Salisbury. Warminster Town Council in its present format originates from the local Government Review of the early 1970s - prior to this it was Warminster Urban District Council. In the 60s and 70s, local journalist Arthur Shuttlewood popularized The Warminster Mystery, leading to hundreds, perhaps thousands of independent claims of UFO sightings all coming from this small town.

2. Wycliffe Well, Australia

Wycliffe Well is renowned for its regular UFO activities. Sightings are so common that if you stayed up all night looking you would be considered unlucky not to see anything, rather than lucky to see something. Newspaper clippings and images adorn the restaurant. Wycliffe Well Holiday Park is world renowned for its regular UFO sightings, recently ranked 5th for top reported UFO activity in the world, writes their website UFO sightings have been common from as far back as the days in World War II when servicemen who stayed at Wycliffe Well (was formally an Army Market Garden in those days growing vegetables and servicing the stock route), kept records in a book about some of the weird un-identified flying objects that they would encounter during the night, and even some records show they also saw things during the day!

3. Bonnybridge, Scotland

Bonnybridge since 1992, been the site of numerous UFO sightings and has been described as the world's number one UFO hotspot. The sleepy town of 6,870 souls (2001 census) lies at the heart of an area known to UFO enthusiasts as the Falkirk triangle, which stretches between Stirling, Fife and the outskirts of Edinburgh. It has around three hundred reported UFO sightings annually. Local independent Councillor Billy Buchanan is taking the sightings seriously. He has raised the matter in public meetings, in correspondence with three Prime Ministers and has called for the town to be twinned with another Mecca for ET devotees, Roswell, New Mexico. Speaking to The Scotsman newspaper, he said, How do we know aliens aren't walking about? How do you define an alien anyway? And when people say to me Why Bonnybridge? I say, why Bethlehem? I have no doubt that Bonnybridge is part of something exciting.

4. Chile's UFO Trail

Over the past two decades residents in Chile's central district have recorded so many UFO sightings that in 2008 the town of Sam Clemente opened a UFO trail, writes the TIME Magazine. The 19-mile stretch weaves through the Andes Mountains, whose plateaus are said to make great landing pads for the spacecraft. Even though the area has long been known as a destination for UFO sightings, the move likely had a bit more to do with bringing in tourist dollars than it did unidentified spacecrafts. Along the trail tourists and UFO hunters alike can read signs that detail well-known sightings and visit restaurants, camping sites, hostels and cabins. And though Sernatur - the country's official tourism service - backed the initiative, it nonetheless claims, In no way can we guarantee that a tourist coming to San Clemente will see a UFO.

5. Mexico City

New UFO incidents were registered over Mexico City continuing the increased activity reported recently all over the country confirming the new level of the Mexican UFO wave, now with strange and rare sightings of unknown objects and entities flying freely in our airspace. On July 11, 1991 a total solar eclipse began over the Pacific Ocean and Hawaii, moved over Mexico and Central America and down to South America, ending in Brazil. In Mexico City, people reported seeing much more than a rare celestial event. In what has been called one of the largest mass UFO sightings ever, a number of Mexicans reported seeing a strange hovering craft as they were watching the eclipse, the TIME writes.

6. Stephenville, Texas

In January 2008, dozens of people reported something funny hovering in the night sky. It was described in many ways - some described it as a mile-wide, silent object that flew low to the ground. Some said it moved incredibly fast. A local newspaper reporter said it had very intense, bright lights, The TIME reports. According to CNN's Larry King Live, which did an entire hour on the sighting. So was it life from another planet? Not so, said the U.S. Air Force a couple weeks later, explaining that ten Air Force Reserve F-16 fighter jets were the cause of the lights seen over the central Texas town.