Health Law

McConnell says health care repeal is long-term fight

Sen. Mitch McConnell R-KY on Thursday urged conservatives to stick to their principles and realize that battles over issues such as reform for health care or campaign finance required a long-term, lifetime commitment effort to get right.

EPA to set first-ever standard for perchlorate in water

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said it will develop a first-ever national standard for perchlorate, a naturally occurring and man-made chemical found in rocket propellant, fireworks, explosives and in some drinking water systems.

Senate defeats health care repeal

U.S. Senators on Wednesday defeated a bill to repeal last year's landmark healthcare bill, as Republican party members came up short against the Democratic majority. The vote was 47-51.

Health benefits and cost in focus for repeal vote

U.S. lawmakers will consider new health care insurance benefits and the cost of paying for them on Wednesday, as the House heads to a vote on whether to repeal last year's major health care overhaul law.

Priest pleads for Ground Zero health bill

The Rev. Stephen Petrovich, 58, of Huron, Ohio, is Metropolitan Archbishop Emeritus of his orthodox Ukrainian Church. He does not perform archbishop duties because he is dying, from the damage to his lungs from the air at Ground Zero in 2001. Petrovich spent nearly two weeks at Ground Zero giving last rites to human remains and counseling the living.