FDI In Retail: Will It Boost India's Economy Or Leave Millions Jobless?

Indian retail sector, which is one of the fastest growing in the world, is under immense pressure to allow the Foreign Direct Investment. With multi-national retail giants like Wal-Mart and CarreFour and foreign investors lobbying the government to throw open the retail sector, the government has made several futile attempts in the past two years to allow FDI in retail.

Chinese Shares Surge On Spain Aid Deal

Stock markets in China and Hong Kong gained Monday as sentiment was buoyed on news that the euro zone will provide financial assistance to help Spain's troubled banks.

Spain's Prime Minister: 'This Year Is Going To Be A Bad One'

Spain's prime minister said Sunday that despite financial assistance of as much as ?100 billion ($125 billion) for the country's ailing financials sector, the euro zone's fourth-largest economy will continue to suffer from high unemployment and shrinking gross domestic product.

Fiscal Cliff: If You Aren't Worried, Here's Why You Should Be

While the euro zone fiscal crisis has grabbed the spotlight, the U.S. faces its own fiscal crisis. The simultaneous onset of tax increases and spending cuts scheduled for Jan. 1 -- which will trigger unless Republicans and Democrats can agree on a balanced budget solution -- will likely send the economy plunging off a $720 billion fiscal cliff and into the arms of another recession.

Child Soldiers: A Plague In Africa

A Wednesday report revealed that the conflict in the Ivory Coast involves mercenaries from neighboring Liberia. The militants have abducted children, murdered civilians and raided communities in Ivorian villages.


Saudi women

Wider World Opened To Saudis Studying Abroad

Wearing the black face-covering veil favoured by Saudi women, Maha Mazyad looked through leaflets for prospective jobs with some of the Islamic kingdom's largest companies at a recent career fair in Riyadh.

Euro Zone To Fall Into Recession In 2Q, But Will ECB Ride To Rescue?

The euro zone avoided recession with zero growth in the first quarter, but it seems to have run out of luck. Recent data out of the single currency bloc has led economists to conclude with confidence that a recession is looming and the European Central Bank may not act Wednesday.
Pedestrians walk past Sweden's Riksbank building in downtown Stockholm

Euro Crisis Forcing Central Bankers Outside Euro Zone Into Uncomfortable Stances

Massive movements of capital during the latest occurrences of the European financial crisis have forced central bankers into the role of circus contortionists: bending into positions in order to maintain their stated policy targets. And their antics are not being bought by all, with some wagering that these bankers' next attempts will result in a broken back or two.
Hollande (left) and Ayrault

French Unions, Hollande Brace For Huge Wave Of Layoffs

Bernard Thibault, the secretary of the Communist-backed Confédération Générale du Travail, one of France's largest unions, warned that at least 45,000 jobs (and maybe as many as 90,000) will be jettisoned by some 46 companies.