Pessimistic Fed Gives Markets 6 More Months Of Twist

The powerful rate-setting committee of the Federal Reserve decided to extend its current strategy of manipulating the credit markets to artificially depress the cost of long-term financing, a strategy colloquially known as Operation Twist, until the end of the year.

Mitt Romney's Wawa Gaffe: Is He Out Of Touch? [VIDEO]

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was blown away by the sandwiches at WaWas, repeatedly mispronouncing the Pennsylvania-based supermarket chain's name as he recounted his first time visiting a WaWa during a campaign stop in Cornwall, Pa. Is the former Massachusetts governor out of touch?

Saudi King Buries Brother And Heir

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah prepared to bury his former heir, Crown Prince Nayef, on Sunday before naming a new successor at a challenging time for the world's top oil exporter and self-styled steward of Islam.


Deutsche Mark

Should Germany Leave The Euro And Reissue Deutsche Mark?

A euro-area breakup might appear to be inevitable at this point. But, instead of Greece being pushed out the door, analysts say an outside-the-box solution to the euro zone's sovereign-debt problem would be for Germany to voluntarily withdraw from the euro and reinstall the Deutsche mark.
Iain Duncan Smith

Long-Term Unemployment, Increasing Poverty Plague UK

A tight squeeze on salaries of full-time employees, along with spending cuts and burgeoning levels of part-time employment and long-term unemployment, offsets the decline in overall unemployment, leading to a rise in the number of poor Britons.
AMR and US Air

American Airlines-US Airways Merger: Who Wins, Who Loses?

US Airways has been very publicly circling AMR Corp., the bankrupt parent of American Airlines. Yet industry experts expressed concerns that, while a potential merger would be a boon to the labor unions, the flying public would end up footing the bill.