People walk past a destroyed building in Kupiansk, Ukraine


  • The Ukrainian detailed the abuse in a testimony released by the SSU
  • The victim said Russians burned crosses on some victims using soldering irons
  • The victim added that some small cages held as many as eight prisoners

A Ukrainian civilian who was captured and tortured by the Russian forces has detailed in a testimony the abuse he experienced while being interrogated by the FSB.

Speaking in the testimony published by the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), the Ukrainian civilian, who was a resident of Kupyansk, said he was electrocuted for nearly an hour and beaten with bats during the interrogation by the FSB.

"During the first interrogation, they were shocking me with electric current for 40 minutes, fired at me either from a pneumatic gun or a gas gun - I don't know, I was in a bag... They beat me with bats or iron pipes," the Ukrainian civilian, whose identity was not revealed, said in his testimony.

The Kupyansk resident added in the testimony that the FSB burnt crosses on the victims' skin using a soldering iron. He also said small cages in the torture chamber were holding eight imprisoned Ukrainian each despite the cells only being designed to hold two people.

The SSU said it is now working to identify all Ukrainian civilians from the recently de-occupied territories who were tortured by the Russians.

Since the beginning of the war in February, Russia has been accused numerous times of imprisoning and torturing Ukrainian civilians.

On Tuesday, Mykhailo Ivanovich, a 67-year-old Ukrainian pensioner who was reportedly tortured for 12 days, told BBC that he had experienced most of the Russian army's menu of abuses, including electrocution, beatings, broken bones and needles inserted under the skin.

On Tuesday, Ukrainian officials exhumed the bodies of 52 civilians from a makeshift burial site. Each of the bodies bore signs of torture, with some corpses missing genitals.

In a video address published late Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also revealed that Ukrainian officials uncovered more than 10 torture chambers in recently liberated areas in the Kharkiv region, including the Kozacha Lopan railway station. One of the rooms at the Kozacha Lopan railway station was fitted with "tools for electrical torture," CNN reported.

It is unclear how many Ukrainians have been tortured by the Russian army since the war began.

This picture released by Ukraine's Presidential press office shows Ukrainian soldiers on a tank in a street of Kupiansk