• The Spurs defeated Maccabi Haifa with the score of 7-2
  • Harry Kane led all scorers with a hat-trick
  • Jose Mourinho praised Kane, joking that the striker probably doesn’t keep his hat-trick balls anymore

Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho holds veteran star Harry Kane in high regard. With all the goals that the striker has scored, Mourinho joked that he doesn’t even keep his hat-trick balls anymore.

Coming from a recent victory against Maccabi Haifa, Kane scored on three separate occasions and helped the Spurs dominate with a 7-2 win.

“He’s scored so many hat-tricks that I don’t even believe that he keeps every ball at home,” Mourinho told Premier Sports.

Throughout Kane’s career, he’s served the Spurs in 293 appearances and has netted 191 goals to go along with 35 assists. The four-time club top scorer remains to be one of the more valuable players in Mourinho’s lineup.

Despite the offensive display of Kane, his three goals weren’t the only noteworthy performance in the recent match. Lucas Moura, Giovani Lo Celso and Dele Alli also contributed to the win by netting goals of their own.

“But it’s always nice to score. It was good that we managed to save him 15 minutes, and of course, again, the team is the most important thing and we did it,” Mourinho continued.

The veteran coach went on to praise Alli as well for the way he performed on the field.

“Yeah, he was good,” Mourinho said.

Mourinho shared that his players were in good condition and the team ended the game on a high note, with Alli scoring a penalty in the 90th minute.

“In a short space, he gets very, very well in there and then he was serious and cool and professional. He took it well,” the coach said of Alli.

Although the final score was a lopsided affair, there were still some points that need improvement for Tottenham.

“We didn’t play amazing. The game was a bit strange; it was too open,” Mourinho added.

“In my opinion, they were too adventurous to play against a team of a different level and we punished them in this kind of transition situations,” he pointed out.

The strong play by Kane gave the Spurs a big advantage throughout the game, but Mourinho saw how the club could have played better on the field.

“But at the same time, we were not very compact. We didn’t press very well. I think with early goals, the team lost a little bit of focus,” he concluded.

The Spurs are looking to apply these points in their next match as they enter a Premier League bout against Manchester United on Sunday at Old Trafford.

Harry Kane has scored four times in his last two games to move Tottenham up to seventh
Harry Kane has scored four times in his last two games to move Tottenham up to seventh POOL / Adam Davy