Anti-Rape Measure in India Passed
Indian passed a resolution to ban scantily clad mannequins in a new resolution last month to prevent rape. Reuters

Following the report that an American tourist was gang-raped in India Monday, officials are seeking to implement a new anti-rape measure because of the trend of attacks on foreign female tourists.

According to a report from CBS News via the Associated Press, Mumbai is looking to ban lingerie and other scantily dressed mannequins on sidewalks. The municipal council passed a resolution to disallow the form of advertisement last month, but the municipal commissioner has reportedly yet to state his approval, a step necessary to put the measure into effect.

“Such people get provoked by mannequins. After all, a mannequin is a replica of a women’s body,” said City Council member Ritu Tawde, who claims mannequins do not appropriately “suit” Indian culture. “... Mannequins are everywhere and people don’t have a choice. They run into them when they step out of their homes and walk on the streets,” she said.

Those in opposition to the resolution, chiefly business owners affected by the measure, said removing mannequins from the streets will not help protect women, especially since the dummies will still be allowed to be advertised indoors.

“We are living in the 21st century where these kind of things, all porn, the movies, the pictures, all these things are available on websites, available on mobiles,” said president of the Federation of Retail Traders’ Welfare Association Viren Shah.

Earlier this year, the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry Trade of India announced the rapidly decreasing number of foreign females visiting the country -- a reported 35 percent drop. On Monday, a 30-year-old female American tourist was raped after reportedly accepting a ride from men near New Delhi. According to reports, the unidentified female was raped for one hour. Officials are currently seeking the alleged rapists who are described as ranging in age from 19 to 25.