• PSG is mum on whether they will pursue Sergio Ramos
  • Real Madrid coach wants to keep Ramos, but the club's financial problem could hamper it
  • Ramos may not get a long-term deal due to his age

There are a lot of players who will see their contracts expiring, including Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid.

The Spaniard has been linked to a potential move to Paris Saint-Germain although Mauricio Pochettino preferred to respond safely.

It is no secret that the French squad is keeping a close eye on the 35-year-old center-back whose contract with Los Blancos will expire in June.

To date, Ramos and Real Madrid have not agreed to a new deal, and such has further fueled a potential transfer in the summer.

When asked to comment, Pochettino unsurprisingly refused to confirm if they will make a push for Ramos.

The only thing he did say is that they will be looking to take in high-quality enforcements but did not detail who they have on their radar.

"Sergio Ramos to PSG? I'm not going to answer because everything can be misinterpreted... Sergio is a Real Madrid player," Pochettino stated. "But what I can say is that, like any team, we want to improve in all positions."

After a disappointing season, targeting new talent to improve the lineup is understandable.

However, the fact remains that Los Blancos needs to reduce their wage bill. This means they can only give much to Ramos or any other player for next season.

Ramos is currently on the sidelines with an injury but is a proven commodity.

He has amassed 720 senior appearances at the club level since debuting in 2004. The defender scored 104 goals during that span.

Sergio Ramos is entering the final six months of his Real Madrid contract
Sergio Ramos is entering the final six months of his Real Madrid contract AFP / JORGE GUERRERO

Head coach Zinedine Zidane wants to retain Ramos long-term, despite being already at age 35.

Hence, offering a long-term deal to Ramos could be tough even with Zidane believing that the Spaniard is capable of playing at the top level for at least another five years.

"We want him to stay here. He's always going to be an important player and I want him to remain here, that's what I'll say as a coach," Zidane stated.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez also gave a vague answer, pointing out that they are in a financial bind.

Money is seen as a problem, and this could be the difference-maker to figure out if Ramos will stay at Santiago Bernabeu or not.