• Liverpool could be a logical destination for Jadon Sancho, especially with his admiration for Reds legend John Barnes
  • Sancho has opted to remain mum on his football future
  • Borussia Dortmund is confident that Sancho will remain with the club until next season

Jadon Sancho is aware that several clubs are after him, most notably Manchester United. But if his recent comments are to be considered, it appears he has a reason to consider Liverpool F.C. as his next stop.

Based on the recent take of Sancho to World Soccer Magazine, he has plenty of reasons to seriously consider a move to Anfield. And one of those reasons is a Reds legend, John Barnes.

It turns out that his dad was a big fan of the two-time World Player of the Year. Sancho revealed how his dad even kept videos of the Reds legend which he also used to watch. Aside from him, the 20-year-old also admitted he used to look at Ronaldhino a lot on YouTube, admiring him for trying out things that no one else would try.

"My dad was a big fan of John Barnes. He had a couple of videos of him at home and I used to watch them a lot," Sancho said. "I didn’t have a team that I supported, though. I just idolized a lot of great players."

Sancho is one of the most mentioned names in the Premier League today, but a move out of Borussia Dortmund still depends on whether anyone can meet the club's asking price for him. Der BVB wants $141 million for the English winger, an amount that has got other clubs thinking.

United is pressed for time, aware that there are other clubs in line to snatch Sancho from Dortmund. The Red Devils have not been spared from financial difficulties, but the German club reiterated that it wants nothing less than its asking fee. Adding some players to the mix could ease that hefty amount, but Dortmund has shown little interest.

Should United fold, it could pave the way for Liverpool to enter the picture.

For now, all Sancho can do is wait and focus on his stint with Dortmund. He is under contract until 2022, and Die Borussen is confident that he will stay on board. That is unless their hefty asking fee is met by any team soon.

Jadon Sancho has been heavily criticised for having a haircut without any protective equipment
Jadon Sancho has been heavily criticised for having a haircut without any protective equipment POOL / Lars BARON