• Kalvin Phillips will unlikely leave Leeds United, per his agent's statement
  • Phillips' camp is open to improving his current deal with the club
  • Real Madrid's interest remains the same, but getting Phillips won’t be easy

Leeds United fans can heave a big sigh of relief. It appears Kalvin Phillips is here to stay and his agent, Kevin Sharp, can attest to that.

Phillips has been making a good account for himself for England. He was the man of the match in the team’s opening game.

It was a fitting performance considering he is coming off a good run in the English Premier League. In all, he remains a precious player for Marcelo Bielsa.

However, it remains that any player who has been making headlines would also involve rumors about a potential move.

With the summer transfer window around, Leeds United fans want assurance that the 25-year-old will be there to stay.

The player’s agent may have done just that when he spoke to the Sunday Mirror.

Sharp explains that it is only common that there are other teams keeping tabs with Phillips.

But if he is to be asked, he would prefer to see his client stay at Elland Road.

“Controlling that would be down to Leeds, but I’ve got no desire to move Kalvin and he’s got no desire to move,” Sharp stated. “It’s not something we’re banging the door to make it happen.”

However, this does not mean that the camp of Phillips is content with their stay and current financial package.

Sharp hinted that they would be open to improving the player's current deal if Leeds United bosses would want to discuss it.

“But if Leeds wants to improve that deal and protect their assets, we’d certainly be interested in sitting down with them,” he explained.

Kalvin Phillips of England Kalvin Phillips of England Photo: Getty Images | Andy Rain - Pool

This should douse water on rumors claiming that teams are looking to pluck Phillips from Leeds United.

Juventus and Real Madrid are two teams interested in the English midfielder.

But of the two, it appears Los Blancos is the one more determined. Carlo Ancelotti wants Real Madrid to monitor the progress of Phillips throughout the Euro 2000.

Wary of these unconfirmed reports are understandable on the club's part. In 2019, Aston Villa inquired about Phillips, but the midfielder opted to stay.

Sharp was also aligned with that idea, and it seems nothing has changed.