Donald Trump has endured poor approval ratings for over 11 months. Getty

President Donald Trump has endured consistently low approval ratings and high disapproval ratings in his first year in the White House. According to the latest approval ratings, Trump has not recovered from poor ratings that date back from after his first week in office.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll released Sunday had Trump below his Real Clear Politics average of 39.9 percent approval and 55.4 disapproval, with registered voters giving Trump 38 approval and 58 percent disapproval. The traditionally right-leaning Rasmussen Polls latest poll had Trump at 45 percent approval and 54 percent disapproval.

The numbers for Trump have mostly been poor for his entire year. According to the Associated Press' analysis last week of Gallup Poll data, Trump's numbers were historically low, with an approval-rating average of just 39 percent since his inauguration on Jan. 20, 2017.

There have only been 13 polls in which Trump had higher approval ratings than his disapproval ratings. The last time Trump had approval ratings that were better than his disapproval ratings was in March.

Trump's highest disapproval rating in office was 63 percent, which came in August from Pew Research. That figure is not far from Trump's highest disapproval rating this month, which was 59 percent from a Quinnipiac poll.

Trump's lowest approval rating was 32 percent, which came from an IBD/TIPP poll in August. IBD/TIPP listed his approval rating at 35 percent this month.

The Trump's highest approval rating in office (57 percent) was by Rasmussen in January 2017. His lowest disapproval rating (39 percent) came from Economist/YouGov, which was also in his first week in office.