Tunisia's justice minister said on Wednesday an arrest warrant has been issued against deposed President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and his family.

Tunisia has asked Interpol to detain the former president Ben Ali, who fled to Saudi Arabia earlier this month after mass protests toppled him from power, the BBC reported, quoting justice minister Lazhar Karoui Chebbi.

The second president of Tunisia, who had come to power after ousting President Habib Bourguiba in a bloodless coup in 1987, will face multiple charges related to property theft and transfer of foreign currency, Chebbi said.

Now that the long-serving president is out of power and out of favor, the hawk's eye is zeroing in on his alleged wrongdoings while in power.

Last week, a Swiss lawyer had filed a legal maneuver asking the government to freeze any assets held by Ben Ali in Swiss banks, after a similar request was made by the Swiss Socialist Party.