• Coca-Cola shares reportedly took a dive after Cristiano Ronaldo expressed his disdain for the soft drink Monday
  • Some Twitter users were impressed by how influential he is, while others criticized the athlete
  • Fans said they weren't surprised as Ronaldo has always been vocal about his support for healthy diet

Twitter users have weighed in on reports that Cristiano Ronaldo's simple gesture during a Monday press conference inflicted a $4-billion loss on Coca-Cola.

When he sat down for the press conference ahead of Portugal's UEFA Euro 2020 game with Hungary, Ronaldo noticed the bottles of Coke on the table in front of him and quickly moved them away before picking up a water bottle and encouraging others to drink water instead. Coca-Cola is an official sponsor of the tournament.

Within half an hour, Coca-Cola shares took a dive, and "the company's value fell from $242 billion to $238 billion," Spanish newspaper Marca reported.

The report sparked mixed reactions from Twitter users, with many marveling at how influential the athlete is.

"This is what the real #influencing is all about," reporter Sarath Babu S tweeted.

"I believe in Cristiano Ronaldo supremacy. That guy just give Coke a 4 billion$ loss in the market just be replacing the coke bottles with water. The biggest influencer in the world?" another wrote.

"This what success looks like," a third netizen commented, adding, "One move totally shaken the Entire market. Remember the name #CristianoRonaldo."

Other Twitter users criticized Ronaldo over his gesture and its reported aftermath, pointing out that the company has been a major sponsor of the event for years.

"Then why don't he apologized for this particular endorsement. The stock of Coca-Cola is in dip because of one s--t behavior of Mr. mature. Imagine the loss of retail investors. Everyone knows the hazardous of Coke drink, why so much fuss," one commented.

"It feels a bit ridiculous though. Does he know where all that money he earns comes from? It isn’t from ticket sales at the stadium. He can act above it all but would he still be playing soccer for $50k a year?" a second netizen tweeted.

"This is a cheap stunt from Ronaldo.....!!!! Coca-Cola is the longest-standing partner of FIFA, with association since 1974 & sponsorship of World Cup. Coca-Cola has advertising at every World Cup & Euro for years. Ronaldo has no business disrespecting the Brand now," another wrote.

Some joked that other soccer stars are already following Ronaldo's lead. "Locatelli following Ronaldo’s footsteps. Coca Cola gonna be a meme at this point," one person tweeted, alongside a video of Sassuolo star Manuel Locatelli.

However, most fans of Ronaldo, who is widely recognized as one of the best soccer players of the current era, were not surprised by his move because the athlete has always been vocal about his support for healthy diet.

In a recent post on social media, the Juventus star wrote that "body is his weapon" and that they "are always told to eat and train well."

Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive on national duty in Portugal on October 13.
Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive on national duty in Portugal on October 13. AFP / Tiziana FABI