Social media giant Twitter is testing out a new shopping feature that allows users to purchase items directly from users' profiles.

Twitter's Shop Module offers a variety of products for visitors to browse. The feature is similar to ones that have been added to Instagram and Facebook in the past year and is available only for users with iOS devices.

“We believe in the power of the conversations that Twitter facilitates around products,” Twitter said Wednesday on its website.

Chief financial officer Ned Segal spoke in May about such a feature at an investor presentation. 

"We've come to appreciate that people do a lot of research on Twitter before they buy something," Segal said. "They want to hear what experts say about a phone, about a pair of shoes, about a coffee mug."

The pilot program involves a "small handful of brands" that include GameStop and Arden Cove, among others. Twitter did not say when it might expand to more brands.

“The Shop Module is a dedicated space at the top of a profile where businesses can showcase their products. When people visit a profile with the Shop Module enabled, they can scroll through the carousel of products and tap through on a single product to learn more and purchase -- seamlessly in an in-app browser, without having to leave Twitter,” the company said.

Twitter plans to open up more additional options soon. Companies will be able to talk about their products through tweets and direct users to buy right on their page.

The move comes as Twitter has sought to make bolder changes to its platform and business model and as Facebook has dominated social media shopping.  

Founded in 2006, Twitter has mostly relied on advertising and date licensing for revenue.