Type 2 diabetes is one disease that often requires patients to partake in “tasteless” food. They must not consume sugary foods or anything that their physicians would prohibit them due to the risk that their blood sugar levels would increase. If you are suffering from Type 2 diabetes, fret no more because there’s one tasty food that you can enjoy!

A recent study has found that there is one type of cheese that could help in lowering blood sugar levels of Type 2 diabetes patients. This is no other than cottage cheese. This yummy treat can help patients manage their blood sugar.

Cottage Cheese

According to a study done at Bispebjerg Hospital, where they collaborated with the University of Copenhagen, they found that when patients reduce carb intake but increase their protein and fat portions, they can effectively manage their blood sugar. They found that this helps improve the body’s glycemic control both short term (after meals) and long-term. Glycemic control refers to the ability to regulate the body’s blood sugar.

cottage cheese - how to lower blood sugar
cottage cheese - how to lower blood sugar Diana Lavrova - Pixabay

As per the evidence that researchers had, it suggested that patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes could eat cottage cheese to help manage their blood sugar levels. One study upon which this was based showed that men who consumed 25g of cottage cheese along with 50g of sugar showed a 38% lower blood sugar.

High-Protein Content

The researchers opined that the high protein content of cottage cheese must be the underlying reason why it resulted in lowering blood sugar. High protein foods slow the process of breaking down carbs into glucose. If glucose breaks faster in the body and blood absorbs it, then the blood sugar levels also rise.

Diabetes.co.uk stated that fat or protein does not have much effect on blood glucose levels. When you go for a low-carb but high-fat or high-protein diet, you will see better blood sugar levels. More carb intake would also mean higher blood sugar levels.

Alongside eating cottage cheese, it would also be best if you try to do some physical exercises. NHS recommends getting 2.5 hours of physical activity every week to control blood sugar better. Of course, cutting down on your carbohydrate intake could help you as well.