One of the most common health conditions in the UK is type 2 diabetes. This illness causes the body to improperly respond to insulin in a way that it is unable to make more. When this happens, the blood sugar of the patient will become too high. If left at such high levels, it can cause a dozen more problems, including heart disease, nerve damage, stroke, and kidney failure. It is, therefore, very important to implement some lifestyle changes to maintain healthy levels of sugar.

Contrary to some beliefs, you can eat all kinds of food even if you have type 2 diabetes. You just have to consume them in moderation or limited amounts.

Foods for Type 2 Diabetes

The National Health Service has advised that type 2 diabetics should eat a broad range of foods. These include vegetables, fruit, and some starchy foods like pasta. Just ensure you keep salt and sugar fat to low levels. The NHS also said that you should avoid skipping meals and should eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily.

Food for Type 2 diabetes
Food for Type 2 diabetes feelphotoz - Pixabay

There are many other ways of dealing with type 2 diabetes. A recent study may prove to be very beneficial for patients. It revealed that a certain low-cost fruit is very effective in lowering glucose levels and preventing it from constantly rising.

When it comes to breakfast, a particular fruit has been observed to lower blood sugar levels. In the study, a fig extract can help in treating diabetes by making the levels of blood fatty acid and vitamin E normal.

Eating Figs

In another study, a fig leaf extract has been proven to improve insulin sensitivity. It also has been discovered to have anti-diabetic properties.

Others are hesitant to eat the fruit because of the sugar it contains. Diabetes UK, however, said that the sugar that fig fruits have is not the type of sugar that needs to be limited. It is different from the free sugar that cakes, drinks, chocolates, and biscuits, have.

The health body also reminds everyone that the one which creates the biggest effect on your blood sugar levels is the number of carbohydrates consumed. NHS said that a portion of the fruit like a fig fruit has around 15 to 20 grams of carbs compared to sugary drinks, cakes, and other snacks.