• Michael Jai White said he never thought he could look and sound like Mike Tyson
  • White revealed he learned his temper was worse than Tyson's during making of the movie "Tyson"
  • Jamie Foxx said he's been working hard to portray Tyson in the best way possible

Mixed martial artist and Hollywood actor Michael Jai White, who once portrayed Mike Tyson on the big screen, once revealed that though he shares similarities with the boxing legend, he had the “worse” temper between the two of them.

White is known for his more recent acting roles in “Undisputed,” “Never Back Down” and “Blood and Bone.” However, some fans may not know that before Jamie Foxx, White was the first to portray Tyson in the 1995 movie “Tyson.”

Indeed, the old Tyson is quite far from the man he is today, and the boxer seems to have reinvented himself since playing a remarkable role in the 2009 comedy movie, “The Hangover.” Back in the ’90s, “Iron Mike” was menacing in and outside the boxing ring, a persona that White thought he would never be able to portray.

But in a "flashback" recently shared by VladTV, the 52-year-old recalled how he immediately dismissed the idea of auditioning for the Tyson role after being informed about the project. However, after being persuaded by the production and some people he knew, White eventually proceeded with the audition and was called up for the cast.

“When I came out to LA, honestly when I went for the [Mike] Tyson thing, I’m going ‘wait a minute, I’m supposed to sound like Tyson, I’m supposed to look like him or whatsoever,’ well thank you very much, I’m parked outside, I can go,” White recalled in the 2019 VladTV interview, adding, “I can’t sound like that dude.”

As White started to study more about the real Tyson, he discovered a few things he had in common with “The Baddest Man on the Planet.” Around the same time, White learned that despite being a calm person, his temper was actually worse than the controversial boxer’s.

“Then I started to realize all the things I had in common with the guy,” he continued. “I gotta say my temper was worse than I’ve seen of his. I honestly had the worst temper I've ever witnessed in my life, growing up.”

Another Tyson biopic is already in the works, with actor and R&B singer Foxx set to play the main protagonist.

Foxx admitted that it’s the most dedicated he has been in making sure that the story gets told the right way. He has also been working hard to emulate the exact physique and looks of Tyson, even joking about confusing the boxer’s kids when they see him, Cinema Blend reported.

“We're doing weighted pull-ups to sort of make the back look the right way and make the arm look a certain way,” Foxx revealed. “But it is, to me, I guarantee you, it's the most dedicated I've been to making sure that this story gets told, and gets told in the right way. And I joke with Mike. I said, 'When I get dressed up as you, I'm going to walk into your house, and your kids are going to say daddy's home.’”

Mike Tyson Mike Tyson admitted this weekend that he's lied about his recent sobriety. Photo: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni