• Conor McGregor will be in his first fight since 2018
  • Cowboy Cerrone sees the fight going to distance – 5 rounds
  • McGregor says he can read Cowboy like a book and will go for a KO victory

We may have just seen the cleanest exchange – verbally at that – that he’s ever been part of.

Most of the time, Conor McGregor is making UFC President Dana White’s job so hard with his uncontrollable behavior whether it’s on the press conference, fighter’s face-off, or even during post-fight interviews. This time, fans may have thought they were dreaming while watching the UFC 246 Press Conference.

With head held high, the Irishman entered the stage walking towards his seat until he went past Cowboy Cerrone, shook hands with Rogan, and turned his back again to shake hands with his opponent before entertaining the media’s questions. Reports from TMZ Sports said that the 31-year old McGregor was 15-minutes early for the presscon, which is unusual for him.

Asked on his changed aura, McGregor said that he didn’t change. “I am who I am and I’ve always been … granted different opponent, different circumstances. I am in a position right now where I’m very, very excited to be here and I’m very eager to perform for the fans on January 18,” said McGregor. “I’ve got a solid opponent in front of me, a veteran of the game, I’m in a good spot,” he added. He also expressed his utmost gratitude for fighting back in the US despite his previous controversies.

Yes, he predicted a KO victory for him but his new approach may have blown these potential opponents back in line. "Although there will be blood spilled on January 18th, it will not be bad blood," said the two-division champion.

The 36-year old Cerrone showing his gentleman-side returned the kindness and respect that his opponent has shown. "I'm looking forward to 4-5 rounds of battle with this man,” said Cerrone. “Conor's one of the last dying breeds of the last fighters, so it's good to be in there with him and really get in there and f------ give it all we got."

Cerrone sees it going to distance, McGregor, is predicting a KO victory since he “can read him like a children’s book”, but these exchanged off the ring left a lot of fans confused of what is going on.

So perhaps, these scenes from “The Notorious” is a thing of the past.