• Conor McGregor's manager addressed potential fights against Terrence Crawford, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather
  • McGregor's manager wants to know if Crawford would really want to try MMA
  • McGregor's manager hinted that 2021 will also be big for the UFC star

Conor McGregor’s manager, Audie Attar, has addressed his potential MMA fight against Terrence Crawford and boxing matches against Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Nearly four years ago, former UFC two-division champ McGregor made his pro boxing debut against the no.1 boxer in the world – Mayweather. Though it was a bit too early for McGregor to challenge an established champ (not to mention Mayweather’s undefeated record), combat sports fans and experts seemed to appreciate everything about it. And now, McGregor is likely to face another boxing champ but this time, a potential MMA fight against Crawford could be on its way.

Top Rank boss Bob Arum first stated that Crawford will have one boxing fight and one MMA fight soon. This immediately linked Crawford’s name to McGregor. Just recently, Attar, who has been McGregor’s manager and adviser for over 8 years, finally addressed the issue.

In a recent interview with Elie Seckbach of EsNews, Attar said that he “respects Crawford” for wanting to fight McGregor. Though Attar likes the idea, he wants to know how serious Crawford is about it.

“I respect Terrence (Crawford) for being willing to do that (MMA fight with McGregor). If he’s really willing to do that, ask not just Bob Arum (who has been) promoting it. I think that’s great,” Attar said.

Aside from MMA fight with Crawford, McGregor is also viewed to be the next opponent of Pacquiao. However, the Filipino legend has set the record straight that if he will fight the UFC star, it will be inside the boxing ring.  The grand rematch against Mayweather is still on the table even though the undisputed champ hasn’t shown enough desire to do it lately. Julio Cezar Chavez Jr. also wanted to see how McGregor would match against him and even offered to give “The Notorious” his paycheck if he wouldn’t be able to knock him out.

According to Attar, all these boxing champs being open to fight McGregor are proof that his fighter still has that “star power” and that McGregor is combat sports’ “no. 1 athlete.”

“That’s just a testament to the Conor McGregor star power and the fact that he’s the no. 1 combat sports athlete in the world period,” Attar pointe out.

Attar is positive that McGregor will continue to progress this year and also hinted that 2021 will also be a big year for the UFC star.

“It’s been great and we’re always up no matter what we’re going through so it’s been a great journey thus far. I think 2020 will be fun and 2021 will also be fun,” Attar said.

mayweather pacquiao When it comes to athlete earnings, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are head-and-shoulders above the rest of the competition. Photo: Reuters