A major UFC welterweight fight is set to take place on August 14th at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, when Dan The Outlaw Hardy (23-9) and Chris Lights Out Lytle (30-18) square off in UFC Versus 5.

This is a crucial fight for Hardy after he suffered three previous losses. At UFC 111, Hardy faced Georges St-Pierre (22-2) for the welterweight title, but lost by unanimous decision after he was taken down by a chokehold and armbar. At UFC 120 and UFC Fight Night 24, Hardy lost to Carlos Condit (26-5) and Anthony Johnson (9-3) respectively.

There is a lot riding on this fight for Lytle, too. After four consecutive wins, Lytle lost his most recent fight to Brian Ebersole (47-14) at UFC 127, and needs to regain his momentum.

Between Hardy's speed and Lytle's heavy hands, this will likely be an aggressive fight. Hardy needs this win to continue in the UFC, and Lytle, who has recently considered retirment, needs a win to put him back at the top of the division.

Hardy appears to be aware of what's at stake. This is the fight I've wanted and it's the fight the fans wanted, he said and added, fans don't like boring fights. They want two guys in there who are willing to go to battle.

Chris Lytle always comes to fight, so this won't be a boring fight. I can guarantee that.

Lytle agrees, This fight has the potential to be that and more. I'm on a seek-and-destroy mission and I know that Dan is, too.

UFC President Dana White weighed in, Dan Hardy and Chris Lytle want to stand toe-to-toe until someone falls and that's a recipe for an outstanding fight.

The August fight will be broadcasted on Versus at 9 pm eastern time.