What Google Sees For The Future Of Android Security

In San Francisco at Structure Security 2017, Google's lead Android security engineer Adrian Ludwig talked about the evolution of Android security and new steps the company is taking to make Android more secure.

Macbook Air versus Sony Vaio Z (2012)

The companies now clash once again, each with flagship products in a category that pushes the envelope of form and function: the ultraportable-class notebook computer.

Oracle suit versus Google at settlement impasse: judge

Oracle Corp and Google Inc have reached an irreconcilable impasse in settlement negotiations in a high-profile intellectual property lawsuit and the companies' lawyers should prepare for trial, a U.S. magistrate judge ruled on Monday.


New iPad(L) and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

New iPad 3 Versus Galaxy Note 10.1: Can Apple's Best Bet Take on New Samsung Tablet?

Apple has just launched a new version of its popular tablet - iPad. For most of its features, the new iPad is a big leap over iPad 2. Apple has sold more than 3 million units of the new iPad in first week of its debut. Apple's rival, Samsung, on the other hand, has also released two new tablets at MWC 2012 - Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. The Korean tech giant is proud of its new Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet and has released a comparison chart showing the areas where Samsung's gem exce...
New iPad and Asus Transformer Prime

New iPad 3 Versus Asus Transformer Prime: Tablet Shootout

Windows tablets are just a few months away, but for now Apple continues to dominate the tablet market with its new iPad, recently released. The Asus Transformer Prime, however, may be the one to spark up some real competition against the new iPad. Thought Asus' tablet was designed to challenge Apple's iPad 2, it also faces the third-generation iPad quite well.
LG Optimus 4X HD smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs LG Optimus 4X HD: Battle of the Titans

Samsung is tight-lipped about the release date and the features of the most anticipated Android smartphone, Galaxy S3. However, it is expected to run on the Android 4.0 operating system aka Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung tasted huge success with Galaxy S2 and now Android fans are excited about the upcoming Galaxy S3. Speculations are rife that it would possess the TouchWiz 4.0 version User Interface with the Touch-sensitive controls.On the other hand, LG has unveiled its first quad-core device,...
HTC One X vs Nokia Lumia 900: Would you Prefer An Android Candy Or A Windows Dessert?

HTC One X versus Nokia Lumia 900: Battle of the Titans

Apple iPhone 4S is in cold zone and the new flagship device (iPhone 5?) will be launched in Q3 2012. So, now it is perfect time for other manufacturers to succeed with their smartphones. Mighty Nokia is changing its Windows phones flagship with Lumia 900. On the other hand, HTC is going to debut its One X - the quad-core phone introduced at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year.
Samsung Galaxy S III concept design

iPhone 5 Release Date: Will Galaxy S3 Pose a Threat?

There is no denying that the Smartphone Battle of the Year 2012 will be between two giants, the Apple iPhone 5, and Samsung Galaxy S3, both of which are yet to be released. MWC (Mobile World Congress) came and went and nothing about the Galaxy S3 was shown by Samsung, which means, the company could be playing its cards close to the chest, or waiting to see what Apple has in store before it does anything. Apple on the other hand, remains tightlipped as usual, about what the next generation iPhone...