Lenticular clouds
Lenticular clouds. Pixabay/LisaRedfern

An alien hunter claims that some UFOs have been spotted flying over Spain and have disguised themselves as clouds in order to be able to come close.

Prominent UFO hunter Scott Waring said someone sent him some photos showing what appears to be clouds but are in reality “UFOs.” In an entry on the ET Database, the self-titled astrobiologist said the aliens do it on purpose.

Waring described how the UFOs looked like. He said they looked like two ring-shaped clouds, with one smaller than the other. The smaller one looked like it was “attached” to the bigger one. Further, he said the sunset sky “blew” their cover as it lit “them” up, making it obvious that they were there hovering for some time already.

Waring claimed that the “UFOs” are there because the aliens inside them are “studying” the human race. Here’s what the self-titled UFO expert said:

“You see alien are out there and they want to study us. Why? Most alien species are so old, so ancient that their past history at our level was long forgotten billions of years ago.”

He went on to explain how these aliens “needed” to do that because, according to him, history often gets confused with the passing of time. Simply put, these aliens, according to him, are studying humanity in order to be able to write their “history book.”

High in the sky

This isn’t the first time Waring claimed that aliens disguise their “ships” to look like clouds, or that they tend to approach humans because they want to study them.

Recently, Waring also claimed that an alien UFO disguised as a triangle-shaped cloud could be seen from the International Space Station. He also claimed that everytime something like that comes up and becomes visible during a transmission, the transmission gets cut as part of NASA’s “SOP.”

Not UFOs

Nevertheless, clouds do take the form of what sci-fi fans normally call a “UFO.” These clouds, called “lenticular clouds,” look like huge discs that resemble what the movies portray as alien spaceships.

Once, in 2015, a huge number of lenticular clouds formed above Cape Town in South Africa. These clouds looked like movie “UFOs,” but in reality they are nothing more than clouds that formed when moist winds blew over the rough terrain in the area.