A self-titled UFO expert claimed to have seen a UFO disguised as a cloud, and also claimed that NASA saw it, but wants to hide it.

UFO hunters look for evidence of alien life in everything they look at. They would take photos of landscapes and would claim to see a UFO while reviewing the pictures. Sometimes they’d look at a blurry photo and see an alien there. Sometimes they’d look at the sky during sunset and think that aliens cause the sky to turn red.

Sometimes, they’d look at the sky and claim that certain clouds are actually UFOs in disguise. At least that’s what happened to a UFO hunter who’s been hunting aliens for 43 years.

A cloud or a cloak?

Prominent UFO hunter Scott C. Waring was looking at footage of the Earth’s orbit from the ISS when something caught his eye. In an entry on the ET Database, Waring said he noticed a cloud shaped like a triangle. He believed that this cloud is actually a “cloaked ship.”

Waring showed two videos, both of them showing the same thing but from two different perspectives. In one video, the cloud could be seen moving upwards from the bottom of the screen.

After it had appeared for a while and made some considerable distance on the screen, the video was suddenly cut because, as seen in the description read in the video, “The High Definition Earth Viewing Experiment is either switching cameras, or we are experiencing a temporary loss of signal with the International Space Station.”

Waring claimed that this kind of “transmission” problem isn’t really a “problem” at all. He said,

“After it had risen a little...the screen when blank and said transmission interrupted. This often happens when a UFO is seen, its SOP (standard operating procedure) for NASA.”

Waring claimed that for a long time, humans have “misidentified” the clouds he called “flying cloaked ships.” He further said that humans should “raise their awareness” of the things around them.


Waring’s claims could be attributed to what experts from NASA call “pareidolia,” a psychological mind trick where a person recognizes shapes and figures from things that aren’t even related.

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Rain clouds approach buildings in Midtown Manhattan, New York July 20, 2013. REUTERS/Zoran Milich