A self-titled UFO expert claims to have found a photo showing an entire area where aliens have built a base with a lot of structures.

Self-titled astrobiologist Scott Waring shared a photo taken from the Apollo 15 mission. In an entry on the ET Database, he claimed that this photo, which showed an area near the Tsiolkovskiy crater, has a surface that’s unlike any surface of the moon that humans expected to look like.

Waring claimed that unlike other photos he showed before, this new photo features an entire area inhabited by aliens. He said the entire photograph is peppered with alien structures of all sorts and sizes for various purposes, and that these structures seem to show that they were made by a culture that’s not influenced by any culture on Earth.

He started by pointing to a “gray metallic structure,” followed by “other strange anomalies” and “other little structures” scattered acroos the map.

Waring said the photo featured so many alien structures that claiming ”there’s a hundred structures is limiting.” He believes that there’s more than a hundred alien structures in the photo.

He also claimed that the structures are very diverse in design. He said there’s a tall pipe-like structure and a “black building,” among other designs. He added sharpness and contrast to the photo to “reveal” other structures he believes to be in there.

Previous claims

Waring previously claimed to have seen evidence of alien life on the moon. He said there are structures found in another area of the moon, and that these structures are “100% proof that ancient aliens did once exist on our moon.”

He said these structures indicate that aliens previously stayed in that area of the moon. A “diamond-shaped structure, he claimed, looked like it was “abandoned” in that area he called a “space dump.”

He also claimed to have seen a “dish” that could also be a “traditional flying disc” similar to how UFOs are often depicted in sci-fi movies.


Waring also claimed to have found a pyramid on the moon, one that NASA didn’t want to talk about, he said. Of course, it’s very likely that NASA didn’t see it as a “pyramid” but rather a boulder that rolled down the peak of the Tsiolkovskiy crater.

Artemis mission astronauts do not have to subject themselves to the harsh environments on the moon to find water-rich soil. Researchers said they could find this in less hospitable regions. NORBERTO DUARTE/Getty Images