A self-titled UFO expert said an “underwater alien base” sits beneath the surface of the Great Lakes in the U.S. He made this claim after seeing an uncommon phenomenon caught on camera and spread online.

A photo of a sunset over Manitoulin Island in Ontario is making its rounds on the internet, inspiring Twitter users from different areas. The photo showed the sun with four reddish colored rings around it as it went down.

The Twitter user who shared the photos, @chancesmommy, said her camera was unable to capture the actual beauty of the sunset, saying it was more beautiful and breathtaking to look at in person.

“Definitely not like any sundog I have ever seen,” she said. “I knew it was different than a sundog!”


Self-titled UFO expert Scott C. Waring claimed that this phenomenon could’ve been caused by a few reasons, foremost of which would be “aliens.” He explained his opinions in an entry on the ET Database.

Waring said the phenomenon wouldn’t be the northern lights since the sun doesn’t set in the north. Manitoulin Island is located up north, Waring claimed, which simply meant the northern lights are out of the equation.

He then explained that the Great Lakes are located west of Manitoulin Island. The unexplained rings in the photo, he said, could be caused by an “over abundance of energy surging over the lake.”

Now, Waring claims, this energy source might have come from an explosion. He said it’s possible that one the atomic bombs lost in the lakes exploded.

Waring said that such an explosion from a WWII-era atomic bomb would be seen from different locations. If it cannot be seen from other locations then it wouldn’t be caused by a bomb explosion, he said.

If it’s not a bomb, he said, it could be a massive UFO rising up out of the lake and into the sky. Waring said this massive UFO would need to sit under the water until the sunset when it can leave without being seen.

These photos, Waring claimed, is proof that an underwater alien base can be found in that direction of the lake.

It’s not new

Although it’s uncommon, the phenomenon @chancesmommy caught on camera isn’t entirely new. There are several reports of such incidents happening in the sky. One of them back in 2014, reported how a double bow was caught on camera. The photo showed two reddish rings in the sky, with a brightened sky beneath the lower rainbow.

Boys are silhouetted against the setting sun as they ride bicycles on the outskirts of Agartala, India, Nov. 21, 2016. Reuters