A prominent conspiracy theorist claimed that a recently discovered structure on the moon’s surface is going to “erase all doubts” mankind has about the existence of aliens.

In an entry on the ET Database, self-titled UFO expert Scott Waring shared a video that featured what he claimed to be undoubtable proof that aliens do exist on the Earth’s moon. He claimed that the video showed an “alien obelisk structure at the center of a crater” on the moon.

Waring claimed that the structure is “amazingly beautiful and highly detailed.” He said it measures up to more than three miles high, and can be easily compared to the Empire State Building with its square base and tall structure.

Waring said the structure was discovered by and shared online by a “little known” YouTuber named UFOsAboveUs. He further claimed that the YouTuber didn’t share his source, adding that it’s “probably better he doesn't so that NASA wont delete the original photo of it.”

Where it came from

The YouTuber, responding to a question from Waring, said he didn’t acquire the photo from NASA or from another third-party source. He said he takes pictures of the moon from his home using his own devices.

UFOsAboveUs claimed that he is an “avid photographer and amateur astronomer” who spent more than two years working on getting the best photos of the moon that he can get, using his own telescope and photographic gear. He also claimed that he had just upgraded his telescope so that he can get better photos of the moon.

Not the first time

This is not the first time conspiracy theorists and alien hunters have claimed to have “found” alien bases or structures on the moon. The Express noted that some even claimed that NASA stopped going to the moon after the Apollo missions because aliens occupy it.

Waring himself earlier claimed that the moon is occupied by aliens. He said that an “alien base” can be found in a certain area of the moon. This area, he claimed, is full of alien structures.

Such claims, however, can simply be explained by what NASA’s experts call “pareidolia,” a psychological mind trick that makes people recognize shapes and figures in unrelated objects like rocks, clouds and patterns.

Lenticular clouds
Lenticular clouds. Pixabay/LisaRedfern