An unidentified flying object (UFO) that’s as big as the Earth’s moon is supposedly trapped by the sun’s powerful gravitational pull, a UFOlogist claimed.

According to alien theorist Scott Waring, who runs the website, ETDatabase, he has discovered what looks like a triangular UFO zooming or hovering on the surface of the sun. In a post, Waring said that he noticed the black flying object two weeks ago via and that he has been following it ever since.

He regarded it like dust on the lens, however, he said that dust “doesn't travel across the sun. Dust would stay in place.”

And since it is black, Waring said that the object is actually “much colder” than the surface of the sun and is powerful enough to neutralize its powerful solar flares.

“Alien technology could achieve this. If an alien species were billions of years ahead of our technology, such materials immune to heat would exist,” he said.

In addition, Waring described the object as about the size of the Earth’s moon, which means that it is a large ship. He noted, however, that the ship is beginning to dip to the lower part of the sun, which could suggest that the UFO’s propulsion power is getting low.

Waring also suggested that the ship could have been there for many years and that it remains there because it is trapped by the sun’s powerful gravitational pull.

Aside from this image, Waring also claimed that he now has hard proof of aliens lurking around the Earth’s atmosphere. Citing a video, which was posted by YouTube user Tom Brown, Waring showed two triangle lights that were caught in the ISS live feed camera.

The clip shows the lights moving upward and Waring claimed that this happened when the aliens “realized” that they were being filmed by the ISS camera. The report also said that the aliens eventually moved away from the ISS before completely disappearing. Waring, a well-known alien theorist, became extra excited by the discovery because the clip appeared exceptionally clear.

It should be noted, however, that Waring is not exactly a reliable source of news. The UFO theorist can be remembered claiming that NASA placed an actual pig on Planet Mars and even claimed that most of the Martian photos beamed back by Curiosity are all photos taken somewhere on Earth.

NASA Mars sun set
On May 19th, 2005, NASA Mars Exploration Rover Spirit captured this stunning view as the Sun sank below the rim of Gusev crater on Mars. This Panoramic Camera Pancam mosaic was taken around 6:07 in the evening of the rover 489th martian day. NASA/JPL/Texas A&M/Cornell