The Secretary General of the United Nations asked the body's Security Council on Monday to add 3,500 U.N. troops and police to be deployed to Haiti to ensure that international aid reaches the victims of the January 12 earthquake.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon made the request as soon as he returned to New York City from a trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital, on Sunday. Mr. Moon said that the most important challenge for the troops would be to coordinate the aid efforts so they reach people in need as soon as possible.

I saw mass destruction and mass need, Mr. Moon said in a press conference today. I heard a clear message from them [Haitians]; They said we need the U.N. we need jobs, we need food and water.

Mr. Moon recommended adding 1,500 police officers and 2,000 troops to increase its 9,000 U.N. staff already in Haiti.

Numerous media reports state that not enough aid is getting to the affected people in Haiti. Many international planes loaded with relief supplies and personnel were not able to land in Port-au-Prince's airport due to unsatisfactory air traffic coordination, according to reports.

The United Nations and its partners launched an appeal for nearly $600 million to help the victims of the earthquake. The funds may be enough to assist 3 million affected people over a six months period, according to the U.N.