Pilots for United Airlines (UAL) overwhelmingly rejected a tentative contract Tuesday that the union said fell short of industry standards. In a record vote by over 9,000 pilots, 94% voted against the deal.

The proposed agreement, which was introduced in the summer, would have given pilots a nearly 15% raise over 18 months. The union said the tentative deal was inadequate and below par for industry standards.

"By the Company's own admission, this agreement missed the mark. That's why both parties agreed to reengage at the bargaining table for a new, improved agreement," Capt. Mike Hamilton, chair of the United Master Executive Council, said in a statement.

Pilots at United Airlines, one of the country's leading carriers, are represented by the Air Line Pilots Association and include more than 59,000 air personnel across the U.S. and Canada. The union at United represents about 14,000 pilots.

The labor group criticized United management's "wait and see approach," amid protracted labor negotiations.

Unions at all four major U.S. carriers are seeking better pay and improved scheduling with airlines becoming profitable following a more than two-year slump due to the pandemic.

Pilots at Delta Airlines voted Monday in favor of a potential strike if contract talks fail to result in an agreement.

United was unavailable to comment on the pilots' vote.

The Chicago-based company reported $942 million in net income in the third quarter, up from $473 million the previous year.

Shares of United were unchanged at $43.08 as of 2:15 p.m. ET on Tuesday.