United Airlines faced a bizarre lawsuit Friday, wherein a customer named William J. Dicks accused one of the airline's workers of humiliating him with unsolicited sex talk over his name.

According to a report in the New York Post, the worker taunted the Milwaukee man for nearly 48 minutes. 

Dicks was “reminded of the trauma he suffered as a child when he was teased because of his last name” during the Feb. 15 phone call, which he made to the airline to get information about his flight the next day to New Orleans, the lawsuit filed in Wisconsin federal court says, according to the New York Post.

The worker allegedly told Dicks during the call that his last name was “controversial” but that “he liked it.” He also asked him if he “was alone" and "what he would do to the agent if they were alone together.” The worker also asked Dicks whether he used “protection” with his then-girlfriend, the lawsuit claims.

The worker later asked Dicks details about his social media accounts so that he could check out his photos. 

In the lawsuit, Dicks claimed the agent’s “statements went entirely beyond information pertinent” to his flight. “Though utterly humiliated, [Dicks] remained on the phone with [United’s] reservation agent until he gained his necessary flight information,” the court papers say.

Dicks said in the lawsuit that he feared the reservation agent might try to get in touch with him again or even show up at one of the airports in Milwaukee or New Orleans as he had all his personal information.

According to Dicks, he had informed United Airlines and the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission about the incident but he got “very little information.”

The lawsuit alleges the embarrassing phone call caused Dicks' “emotional well-being and sense of self-worth to suffer.” The disturbing phone call also led to his break up with his girlfriend, the New York Post reported.

Dicks is now suing for invasion of privacy, unlawful use of telephone and obscene or harassing telephone calls. 

International Business Times reached out to United Airlines for comments, but the airline is yet to respond to the incident. It is also unclear whether the reservation agent still works with the airline.

This is not the first time that United Airlines has come under fire from a customer. The latest incident comes amid a series of controversies surrounding the airline in the United States.

Earlier this week, a Virginia woman claimed United Airlines staff denied her access to medical supplies she needed for her 18-month-old special needs son following a delay on a Norfolk-bound flight.

The 24-year-old woman said that her infant son, Easton, suffered from chromosomal conditions and the staff did not allow her access to her baggage. However, the airline denied the allegation, and said in a statement to International Business Times: "United Flight 1735 from Chicago O’Hare to Norfolk required a new aircraft following a mechanical issue with the initial aircraft. During the delay, a customer requested that we retrieve her checked baggage as it contained supplies for her son. Due to the aircraft change, our customer had to retrieve her checked bag at baggage claim, which prevented her from flying to Norfolk.”