Carson Palmer is serious about leaving Cincinnati
The Bengals are holding out hope that Palmer will stay despite all signs pointing to a departure Reuters

Months ago, Cincinnati Bengals' quarterback Carson Palmer offered the team that drafted him in 2002 a simple choice: trade me or I quit.

He reiterated those comments again this week, because it seems the Bengals haven't gotten the point.

Palmer will continue playing for the love the game, but not while wearing a Bengals uniform. Cutting his career short would not be a bad move for him personally, but sticking around Cincinnati would be.

Head coach Marvin Lewis didn't seem to take Palmer at his word when he hired Jay Gruden as the offensive coordinator. Lewis and Gruden each referenced Palmer when Gruden's hiring was announced, assuming Palmer might be persuaded to stick around with a new face running things.

It was pointless effort.

Palmer is a man of his word, and he isn't budging. He even put his Cincinnati home up for sale.

Fortunately for the Bengals, there are plenty of teams interested in a quarterback.

With Matt Hasselbeck perhaps on his way out of Seattle, the Seahawks might be a perfect destination for Palmer. He would be reunited with his former USC coach, Pete Carroll, and Palmer's personality has always been very West Coast.

Other destination may include Arizona, San Francisco, Miami, Washington, Minnesota, and Buffalo.

Palmer has $50 million remaining on his contract.

The Bengals should act as quick as possible