The latest World Health Organization report on the spread of the Ebola virus puts the number of deaths at 4,033 and the number of cases -- now in seven countries on four continents -- at 8,399. The report, which is updated every few days, does not include an additional seven cases in Spain.

The WHO places countries stricken with the disease into two categories, those with "widespread and intense transmission" and those with "an initial case or cases, or with localized transmission," such as Nigeria, Senegal, Spain and now the United States.

Over 99 percent of deaths have occurred in the West Africa countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Also included on the map below are suspected cases, such as a Brazilian man currently being tested for the virus in Rio de Janeiro and a woman with a "probable" case in Paris.

The map also shows a separate, unrelated Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that has killed 43 people.