If Apple’s iPhone X’s appearance is a bit pedestrian for your taste, then you may want to take a look at what a Parisian company has done to the latest flagship iOS smartphone. Hadoro specializes in upscale iPhone cases, custom iPhones and more, and this week it has introduced a new lineup comprising custom iPhone X models with extraordinary backs. 

Hadoro’s custom iPhone X models sport a wide range of materials that speak of luxury, opulence and grandeur. One model has a marble back, another features alligator leather. There’s also a model with sapphire glass and another one with Karelian birch. 

Because the materials used for the backs of the custom iPhone X models are expensive and rare, each unit costs significantly higher than the standard iPhone X. The least expensive model costs around $5,250 while the most expensive unit comes with a hefty $10,400 price tag, as per MacRumors

All of Hadoro’s custom iPhone X units are 256GB models. The regular 256GB iPhone X costs $1,149, and that model is already marketed toward the rich and the moneyed. So Hadoro’s iPhones are clearly not for the average customer, but for the elites who don’t mind spending as much as $10,000 for a smartphone. 

The most expensive model, Hadoro Signature Diamond iPhone X Alligator Black, has a black coating of diamond-like carbon, a solid black gold logo and black diamonds. The unit is SIM-free and unlocked to all networks. It comes with a Luxury Box that stores all of the standard peripherals of the iPhone X. 

For people who are fond of unique and scary stuff, Hadoro has come up with a custom unit, called iPhone X Carbon Crazy Bony, that features a 3D image of a skeleton. What makes this unit special is the fact that the skeleton’s eye sockets light up when the iPhone X is on. 

Another standout unit from the collection is the Hadoro iPhone X Moire Gold model that sports a back panel made from durable, scratch-proof sapphire glass — a material that the Cupertino giant once considered for its iPhones. The sapphire glass back is framed by black anodized steel and carbon fiber, giving the handset a unique look. 

The collection is composed of 20 units. Check out all of them by visiting Hadoro’s online store.