The Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shan Mehmood Qureshi said Thursday the $7.5 billion U.S. aid bill is a sign of friendship and not a threat to the country's sovereignty.

President Barack Obama has signed the bill into law, aiming to support for Pakistan's efforts on developing economy, strengthening democracy and combating extremism.

U.S. Senator John Kerry and Representative Howard Berman on Wednesday gave Qureshi a document stating that the plan does not impose any conditions on Pakistan or infringe on its sovereignty.

Qureshi called the explanatory statement historic and a step forward in bilateral relations.

The statement said the act formalizes that partnership, based on a shared commitment to improve the lives of Pakistan.

Some Pakistani officials have in recent weeks objected to provisions in the measure that require U.S. monitoring of how the money is spent as well as such details as how the Pakistani military promotes senior officers, saying these provisions infringe on Pakistani sovereignty.

Qureshi recently visited Washington after Pakistani officials and military leaders alleged the civilian aid plan could interfere with the military and the civilian government.