A U.S. citizen who has been stuck in Kuwait for months after embassy officials confiscated his passport is asking Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to intervene, The AP reported.

Aziz Nouhaili, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Morocco, has been trying to leave Kuwait since February. Meanwhile, U.S. officials are considering revoking his citizenship apparently over a decades-old passport problem since before he became a citizen. Previously, Nouhaili admitted to providing false information to try and obtain a passport, but after cooperating with the investigation, was never charged.

Nouhaili's lawyer with the Council on American-Islamic Relations wrote a letter to Clinton requesting that Nouhaili be given his passport back; U.S. Embassy officials in Kuwait reportedly told him he should no longer consider himself a U.S. citizen, The AP said. If the State Department does not change course, Nouhaili's lawyer said he will file a federal lawsuit.

American citizenship is too important to be subject to the whims of low level bureaucrats, the lawyer, Gadeir Abbas, wrote. If there are any concerns about my client's citizenship, he has the right to have those concerns addressed through the judicial process once he returns to the United States.

On Thursday, the State Department referred all calls to its Bureau of Consular Affairs, where an official would not discuss the case due to privacy concerns. The Department of Homeland Security, which is investigating Nouhaili's citizenship, also referred calls to consular affairs.