A U.S. consulate employee foiled a robbery attempt and in the process shot and killed two men in eastern Pakistan.

CNN reported that a car from the consulate which was on its way to the police station to address the shooting was also involved in an accident that killed a motorcyclist.

The shooting occurred in the busy street of Kartaba Chawk in Lahore, when the U.S. national was accosted by two boys on a bike who were apparently trying to rob him.

Alberto Rodriguez, a spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad identified the diplomat as Raymond Davis.

Davis has been taken into custody though no case has been filed against him.

AFP reported that the police said that the diplomat fired in self defense.

BBC reported that weapons were recovered from the bodies of the killed men although Reuters reported that the police was still conducting an investigation to ascertain whether the two men were robbers.

Indian daily NDTV reported that witnesses claimed that Davis was held up by two men armed men. Witnesses also said that after shooting the men the US diplomat took photographs of the shot men. The diplomat explained to bystanders in Urdu that he had acted in self defense.

BBC also reported that after the incident the road was blocked and tires set to fire by more than 100 people.