There is a growing sentiment among American workers that the time is right to look for a new job, with the promise of a better opportunity awaiting them.

A recent Gallup poll released Wednesday, conducted April 1-19, found that a majority of Americans feel confident about the job market. In April, there was a 3.6% unemployment rate -- a historic low, especially with the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic making the global economy unpredictable.

While there is still uncertainty about the future, the poll found that 71% of adults feel it is a good time to go job hunting for a quality position. During the pandemic, the percentage of people expressing confidence in the job market ranged from 22% to 43%.

Most also feel confident in their ability to keep their jobs. The majority feel their jobs are secure, with 30% saying that losing their job is "not too" likely. Another 55% reported that it is "not likely at all" that they will lose their jobs within the year.

Only 15% of respondents reported that it was likely they would lose their jobs in the next year. That is down from 25% at the height of the pandemic.

Workers now feel confident that even if they were to lose their jobs, they could find an equally good one. Thirty-one percent of those surveyed reported feeling "very" confident about their ability to find a job of equal quality. Another 32% felt it was somewhat likely.

A minority do not feel confident about how likely it would be they could find a job comparable to their current or former one. Twenty-one percent of people reported it is "somewhat" likely they would find a job of equal quality. Meanwhile, 15% said it was "not likely at all" they could find a quality job.

However, their confidence may be misplaced as there is the potential for a recession amid rising inflation. Companies also have to deal with the Russian invasion of Ukraine and supply chain woes. As a result, some companies more recently announced a slowdown in hiring or laid off staff en masse.

US President Joe Biden cheered the April jobs data, saying it proved the success of his economic policies
US President Joe Biden cheered the April jobs data, saying it proved the success of his economic policies AFP / OLIVIER DOULIERY