President Donald Trump has reportedly ordered 9,500 U.S. troops to be withdrawn from Germany, drawing mixed reactions from German lawmakers. There are currently 34,500 American service members stationed in the European nation, as part of a long-standing agreement between the two North Atlantic Treaty Organization countries. 

“The plans show that the Trump administration is neglecting an elementary task of leadership, to bind coalition partners into decision-making processes,” Johann Wadephul, a member of the center-right Christian Democratic Union said. “Everyone profits from the alliance sticking together, only Russia and China profit from discord. Washington should pay more attention to that.”

One politician from the left-wing Linke party said Germany should accept Trump’s plan with “gratitude.” 

“The federal government should accept it with gratitude and promptly start preparing the complete withdrawal of U.S. soldiers with the Trump administration,” Linke lawmaker Dietmar Bartsch said. “It would have the collateral benefit of saving taxpayers billions because there would no longer be a need to acquire new fighter jets.”

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Saturday that he hopes some U.S. troops would be moved to Poland. Warsaw wants to increase its military cooperation with Washington as a means to face down Russian aggression in the region.

“I deeply hope that as a result of the many talks that we had ... part of the troops based today in Germany which are being removed by the United States ... will indeed come to Poland,” Morawiecki told the RMF24 radio outlet. “The decision is now on the U.S. side.”

Trump has frequently criticized Germany for not spending enough on its military. Richard Grenell, the previous ambassador to Germany under Trump, has also slammed Berlin for not doing its part in NATO’s policy of nuclear deterrence. 

Trump has had a frosty relationship with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as he has threatened tariffs on German products, such as automobiles. Merkel has also advocated free-trade and pro-immigration policies, views that are not shared by the Trump administration.