Thousands of Indian-Americans showed up at rally Sunday for Indian President Narendra Modi in Houston, with President Trump also showing up to speak at the event. The meeting, referred to as "Howdy Modi!,"  is considered important for U.S.-India relations, as the two leaders boasted of their warm friendship amid trade tensions.

"Friends, as I told you, we have met a few times and every time he has been the same: warm, friendly, accessible, energetic and full of wit," Modi said about Trump at the rally. "India has a true friend in the White House." 

"We welcome India's growing investments right here in the lone star state," Trump said. "Nations around the world are investing in the United States because they know we have the best economy and the best workers in the world. We want to thank everybody and India has never invested in the U.S. like it is doing today, and I want to say it's reciprocal because we're doing the same thing in India." 

The U.S and India could be warming up to an agreement on trade, as the two countries have both imposed tariffs on goods. India has tariffs on U.S. products such as apples, lentils, whiskey and Harley Davidson motorcycles, while the U.S. has tariffs on Indian goods such as steel and aluminum. 

Trump also signaled support for India's concerns about supposed Pakistani terrorist groups in the Kashmir region between India and Pakistan. 

"Both India and the U.S. also understand that to keep our communities safe, we have to protect our borders," Trump said, which alludes to his administration's illegal immigration policy. Trump added that "we are committed to protecting innocent civilians from radical Islamic terrorism." 

Modi revoked Kashmir's special status in early August, which took away the autonomy of the territory. Although Modi believes that the move would help Kashmir economically and ensure equal rights, critics say the move is helping Hindu settlers and preventing Kashmir's self-determination. 

The revocation of special status has allowed Hindus to buy property in the Muslim-majority state and has caused unrest.

Both Trump and Modi are widely considered to be nationalists. Trump is known for his "America First" policies and his tough stances on illegal immigration. Modi is a member of the Hindu center-right BJP party, which has historically been affiliated with nationalist positions and social conservatism.