A joint counter-terrorism operation Wednesday in Iraq resulted in the killing of a top leader for the Islamic State group, according to multiple reports. Sami Jassim Mohamad al-Jabouri, who was more familiarly known as Haji Hamid, was in charge of "natural resources" in Iraq and Syria for the militant group that is more commonly known as ISIS, reported regional news outlet Kurdistan 24.

American Special Forces teamed up with the General Directorate of the Kurdistan Region Counter-terrorism to carry out the mission in the town of Qa'im in Iraq's Anbar Province, located near the border with Syria.

The Kurdistan Regional Security Council — which describes itself as overseeing the "security and intelligence community in Kurdistan Region" and a coordinator of coalition airstrikes against ISIS — seemingly confirmed the report via a press release and two tweets Thursday.

The mission also resulted in the death of Hamid's assistant, according to Kurdistan24. That person was not immediately identified by name.

The fight against ISIS in Iraq has been ramped up as of late, with the deployment of about 400 U.S. soldiers scheduled to take place later this summer, Military.com reported. They will join about 1,300 other soldiers who were deployed there this past spring in an effort to help retake the strategic city of Mosul from the global terror organization.

"We call these soldiers the Strike Ready Force. They have remained prepared to deploy and join the team in Iraq at a moment's notice," said Lt. Col. Eric Lopez, 2nd Brigade Combat Team provisional brigade commander, according to Military.com. "These soldiers are trained and ready to join the fight."‎

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