US plane Kuwait
Soldiers from the US Army's 4th Infantry Division move a Black Hawk helicopter wrapped up in plastic after unloading it from the US Navy ship Cape Victory in Kuwait on Apr. 3, 2003. Reuters/Roberto Schmidt

The U.S. Navy said Sunday that one of its helicopters crash-landed in Kuwait on Sunday, but none of the crew members were seriously hurt. The U.S. Navy MH-60S helicopter, assigned to the Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 26, came down at a training camp in the Middle Eastern city.

Cmdr. Kevin Stephens, spokesperson for the Navy's 5th Fleet, said in a statement, that there were six Army personnel on board when the incident happened. Three of the members were treated for minor injuries and were released later.

The statement said that the incident was not due to any hostile activity but that Army officials would investigate the cause of the crash in detail.

Stephens said, according to The Associated Press, that the Navy’s MH-60S had rolled over after a hard landing during an exercise on Sunday morning. Stephens also reportedly said that the chopper was severely damaged in the crash.