The season for the Atlantic hurricanes lasted six months, with four storms, surpassing the ten presumed by the forecasts, each one of them receiving its own name.

The last one, Tropical Storm Karen, had the same intensity of a hurricane on Sept.26, with 120 kph, said the U.S National Hurricane Center.

Storms were generally short, the cyclone energy index reaching about 82 percent of the 1951-2000 median, the lowest observed since 2002, said the U.S. National Center.

This year, Humberto was the hurricane that hit United States, of a weak intensity compared to the previous ones from 2005.

Two of the current season's hurricanes did reach maximum Category 5 strength on Saffir-Simpson scale of intensity.

In August Hurricane Dean killed around 27 people throughout the Caribbean, while in September Hurricane Felix killed over 100 in Nicaragua.

Hurricane Noel was the last storm into the Dominican Republic and Haiti killing more than 150 people in the near countries.