The US government warned Tuesday that North Korea continues to acquire materials and equipment for its ballistic missile program, despite claims in Washington that Pyongyang has pulled back on its nuclear ambitions.

In a joint global "advisory" the Treasury, Commerce and State Departments detailed North Korea's ongoing efforts to obtain everything from forestry trucks for missile launchers to common metals and materials that can be used in rockets, warning sellers to beware of sanctions on the country.

"The United States is committed to disrupting North Korea's ballistic missile procurement network and promoting accountability for entities and individuals assisting or providing support to North Korea's ballistic missile program," the Treasury said.

People watch footage of a North Korean missile test at a railway station in Seoul
People watch footage of a North Korean missile test at a railway station in Seoul AFP / Jung Yeon-je

The State Department said Pyongyang's missile development efforts "pose a significant threat to both regional and global stability."

The advisory came as negotiations between the two countries aimed at halting North Korea's nuclear weapons progress, launched with fanfare at a 2018 summit between president Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, have remained at a standstill since early last year.

Nevertheless, two months before a presidential election, Trump and his campaign have claimed success in dealing with North Korea.

"In North Korea, the president lowered the temperature, and against all odds got the North Korean leadership to the table. No nuclear test. No long range missile test," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the Republican National Convention last week in support of Trump.